Proposal 24: DataHub - Secret Network Integration

Figment ( ) is prepared to add Secret to its suite of DataHub APIs. This proposal will send 69,000 SCRT from the community pool to `secret1mp97ajv30nrd3zmzmuyu926y4dkkh0xnuy7d8k` Figment will deliver Secret Network's DataHub integration and provide 6 months of free Gateway Access & Transaction Search services What is DataHub ( )? DataHub is rocket fuel for blockchain app development. If we’re to build Web 3.0, developers will need reliable access to network APIs to test and implement their products safely. DataHub offers easy integration, low maintenance, high quality support, and enterprise-grade infrastructure. As part of the DataHub API suite, Figment will host Gateway Access to allow Secret Network developers to submit transactions and to read data from the Secret Network. Developers will be able to sign up, and read & write on Secret without having to worry about either maintaining blockchain infrastructure or doing custom integrations. Figment will provide reliable access to the Tendermint RPC and the Secret REST API, as well as provide the gateway to submit on-chain transactions. Both the latest mainnet and the latest testnet will be supported, and an archive node option will be available to users. The code will be open-sourced and documented, and the APIs will be hosted in DataHub. Figment will create deployment scripts so that developers can run the API as well. As part of the grant, Gateway Access and Transaction Search will be free for developers for a period of six months. We will establish a quota of 200,000 requests per day per account during this period, with an option for developers to upgrade as needed. Looking for more information or to participate further? Discussion can be found here:


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