Proposal 23: The Secret Network Website Proposal

Stake or Die! proposes a community spend of 20,000 SCRT to build the official website of The Secret Network. About Stake or Die! Stake or Die! is a US based company founded by Alexander (Sandy) Corsillo and Victor Valle in 2020. Shortly after foundation, we added Luis Espinoza as head engineer and Emil Corsillo as a creative advisor. Executive Team Alexander (Sandy) Corsillo Sandy started his career in finance working for a family office / fund of funds in NYC. He left in 2010 to start a men’s clothing brand, The Hill-side which he and his brother continue to run 'till today. At its peak, The Hill-Side was sold in 200+ retailers worldwide. In 2015, The Hill-Side was named as one of GQ’s Best New Menswear Designers in America. More recently Sandy has focused on building e-commerce websites and fulfillment systems for a merchandising company in Los Angeles as Director of Technology. Victor Valle Victor is a perpetual learner with many years of experience in technology, design and business development. In constant search for new challenges, he moved to Baja in 2013 to found LKMX, a Software Engineering company that has built dozens of projects for US, Mexican and international companies involving distributed event-driven architectures involving big data analytics, e-commerce, real-time analytics, exposed as rich-experience web and mobile applications. The Project Description In order for the Secret Network to effectively onboard new contributors, we need a world-class website that is extremely polished and open to continual updates by the community. And we are ready to move quickly! The build will have two phases: Phase 1 (Oct 15th): The goal of phase 1 is to build a production ready site with all needed components in place and a solid consistent look and feel guided by the brand guidelines in development by the foundation. Though the UI will be a large focus, an even more important focus will be setting up a system that makes open source community lead content and functionality possible. Much like the relationship between the foundation and the community, our goal is to build a technology stack that allows for the empowerment of the community's goals. Ensuring a framework that makes this possible is what phase 1 is all about. Phase 2 (Nov 20th): The goal of phase 2 is to include the community as much as possible in a process of review. To do this we will work with the Foundation to host review sessions with each of the committees, asking committee leads to submit a feature request form in writing to the foundation. The end product should be one in which each committee has an area of the website that meets its needs. Once all feedback is received, we will work with the foundation to create a new statement of work that will guide the subsequent phase 2 build. Beyond: Collaborating with the Secret Foundation, our dedicated website project group will be committed to further iteration and expansion of the website as a true open source content platform for the Secret Network. Our vision will be to empower and facilitate anyone in the community to contribute their own pages and featured content. Payment Community spend proposal amount: 20,000 SCRT Payment Schedule: 5K at the passing of this proposal 5K at the completion of phase 1 10K at the completion of the phase 2 Custody The Foundation will serve as custodian of unreleased funds. Funds will be held in The Foundation’s account: secret1c7rjffp9clkvrzul20yy60yhy6arnv7sde0kjj Reference Full text of the proposal: LKMX Portfolio: The Hill-Side:


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