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𝕊ikɹət ʌndəɡɹa‍ʊnd
Owner secretvaloper1gvupp942d0nqta55n53gxaaqg8zwr0m8lme83y
Address 86BEC016E08B6C674AD5730CB9369C0E744AC09B
Account secret1gvupp942d0nqta55n53gxaaqg8zwr0m8wuh6ud
Description Our validator runs in a high security underground facility in Switzerland with 100% green power. Protected against natural disasters. Monitoring & sentry nodes.
Node Digest
Current Stake Value $173,284.45 USD
Current Voting Power 84,529 SCRT
% of Supply Locked 0.044%
Delegators 12
Commission Rate 5.000%
Rate Change ±1.000%
Max Commission 20.000%
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Power Change — most recent 5
Transaction History  — 5 total 
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No delegations.