Simply Staking
Owner secretvaloper1a26frgj0c90q8y00crsmsd60na79l6kzet3uqu
Address 7AB535233EA96F0BA4AA74392714FADDC8B5DF91
Account secret1a26frgj0c90q8y00crsmsd60na79l6kzgvlpd4
Description Simply Staking runs highly reliable and secure infrastructure in our own datacentre in Malta, built with the aim of supporting the growth of the blockchain ecosystem.
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Current Stake Value $41,961.44 USD
Current Voting Power 30,854 SCRT
% of Supply Locked 0.017%
Delegators 38
Commission Rate 10.000%
Rate Change ±1.000%
Max Commission 20.000%
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Power Change — most recent 5
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