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🏝 SCRTisland
Owner secretvaloper1wymh574639erejzntw8n3lh4sk5lwhgp9at2gd
Address 6CA06185E170E49C09FA25EECDCE8A2450053C15
Account secret1wymh574639erejzntw8n3lh4sk5lwhgp569h9y
Description Hello all! I work with Secret Network as a co-lead in the Awareness Committee. Happy to answer any questions about staking, or chat about your concerns about staking. Feel free to DM me on any of my personal accounts below. -john / @vegsurfer / @scrtisland
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Current Stake Value $1,166,130.20 USD
Current Voting Power 568,844 SCRT
% of Supply Locked 0.293%
Delegators 20
Commission Rate 5.000%
Rate Change ±1.000%
Max Commission 20.000%
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Transaction History  — 5 total 
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