Proposal 26: Designated Secrettipbot Development Proposal

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Proposal Introduction: SG-1 proposes a community spend of 18500 SCRT to build the official Secret Tip-bot @secrettipbot app for Twitter and Telegram. The application will be developed from scratch and linked to Twitter and Telegram and provide the ability for anyone to send SCRT tip transactions directly to any Twitter or Telegram handle via public tweets or in group chats. A designated Secret Network node will process all transactions and ensure maximum uptime. About SG-1 SG-1 is a network validator on Secret, Cosmos, Kava, Akash and Kichain. Run by Tobias Schwarz (Tosch) and Hubertus von Heyden (Immasssi) out of Berlin, Germany. SG-1 has already successfully completed development for the official @Cosmostipbot and @Iristipbot (collaborative effort with Tendermint) which are automated tip applications for social media. The @cosmostipbot currently has 1700+ active users and is processing up to 3000 transactions per month in its early days of adoption. ⭐️ Official Web: ⭐️ Official Twitter: ⭐️ Official Telegram: Proposal Description: In order increase SCRT usage on social networks a designated Secret tip application @secrettipbot will be developed and provide a tool available to the community that allows for convenient, instant, transparent sending and receiving of SCRT directly via public tweets or in group chats. Tip transactions are always verifiable through the Secret Blockchain Explorer. Individual user accounts are directly linked to a users Twitter or Telegram ID. Anyone may receive a tip, regardless of prior account creation. Advanced features will also be implemented which will allow for tip batching. This brings a convenience factor for users that want to tip many people/addresses at one time. The Secrettipbot will have its own Twitter and Telegram account that runs the app, and can be interacted with by simply sending a direct message to the @secrettipbot account** Additionaly @secrettipbot will be listed on among the Cosmostipbot and Iristipbot. The website provides an easy to understand overview, guides and direct links to start initiating the tipping process. **Basic tipbot wallet interactions: Once a users sends a direct message to the @cosmostipbot with command !help a menu will pop up which allows for various commands to simply interact with a personal tipbot account. These include the following: !help: The tip bot will respond to your DM with a list of commands and their functions. If you forget something, use this to get a hint of how to do it! !register: Registers your user ID for an account that is tied to it. This is used to store your tips. Make sure to withdraw to a private wallet, as the tip bot is not meant to be a long term storage device for SCRT. !balance: This returns the balance of the account linked with your user ID. !account: Returns the account number that is tied to your user ID (currently unique to platform). You can use this to deposit more SCRT to tip from your personal wallet. !withdraw: Proper usage is !withdraw secret_xxxxxx. This will send the full balance of your tip account to the provided Cosmos account. Optional: You can include an amount to withdraw by sending !withdraw . Example: !withdraw 1 secret_xxxxxxxxx would withdraw 1 SCRT to account secret_xxxxx. !donate: Proper usage is !donate 1234. This will send the requested donation to the Cosmos Tip Bot donation account to help fund development efforts. Development & launch: The @secrettipbot will be developed over a 3 week period after this proposal passes. After the app is completed and tested for bugs it will be launched and accompanied by a marketing campaign to increase initial exposure on Twitter and Telegram. Development Payment: This proposal will send 18500 SCRT from the community pool to secret1nykhy98mkywfs6xflv8yr9uru3eg28f0kkvys6 upon passing of this proposal. Secrettipbot maintenance: SG-1 will run a designated node for the @secrettipbot to ensure maximum efficiency at all times. Just like the Cosmostipbot and Iristipbot, the server and regular maintenance cost is covered by a 5% flat fee which is automatically deducted from each tip. Once the user base grows, the flat maintenance fee will be reduced. The @secrettipbot will not be open-sourced to preserve the unique competitive advantage of the application. SG-1 plans to run & service the @secrettipbot for many years to come and is excited to contribute to SCRT adoption on social networks.
Voting Data
51.663 SCRT
10.415M SCRT
3.863M SCRT
31.492M SCRT
Yes secret1c0jpzyr7r99s5uu9gzc83axc7cn0hh2s5sxv4g
Yes secret1q306kfzd7u3l7vjmwtdp0zxllfrjx59gzf7r58
Yes secret1e56fw3w2d0yhp2qk2tcfzhgzm8xdvwjlmgm9gm
Yes secret1u5xz66kg22tr7wpfcj7f9k6fsyn7u5svyevwdk
Yes secret1mrzxg6fukflasdxwcnlkjfvq6gzdvplhmxkcxf
Yes secret1szwprclrmqejw36u2h5ahusys0dmv4umjws6vu
Yes secret1kjzwlt0sc3tn5jf6cah24uh0r5lr3tdagz7u4t
Secret Keeper
Yes secret1nktntql9ymdsfnemtgylmd4raf9vzmkgsu3x0f
Yes secret1y4uj4zh5xx2rscmmuu5u3aadremy7sqjstp7rr
No secret1ncsjt62utcwfrgcklhdj27ukwcg5rakkph9ysp
Yes secret150svyax8m8dwljwenc8xxtsg0avud07m4lr9qe
No secret1wp7dpuzzrgezksjdl39d8nplyrqgayaa0k53vd
Yes secret1rw3g2u3m8fzyhrylhr9ugv272f97c0h8df8nvs
MathWallet - Fenbushi
Yes secret15srq2ptc7h3ekq5wt93cy3tvca0f8pfml95pqu
Yes secret1cj9jgde06qt7hez3ddfgk0wqza2eqh5awyesy2
veto secret1vv6hruquzpty4xpks9znkw8gys5x4nsnzt3qg2
No secret1vv3gxjqvq9lmk8du4rl4z5gtlecrfwyczrz7eu
No secret16dmvh2rg9n9zlql6k87ls3pr5g9qcg5agpmpzl
Abstain secret1elgymc5wgw5vprxm2m6wncddvwxe8sze4tqjp7
Yes secret1396vzktm4nje2kzkhwkkdwvzaxr9tmrmgqn746
Quiet monkey mind
Abstain secret1jksh9p7a9jqju984h25l462dcn4m7a50w7kpgm
Yes secret1l3s0m600f30zj0zz4mlm5lj5mfr753qwlv8gkf
🛹 Stake or Die! 🐝🐝🐝
Yes secret14pla4wmkel0c79h2pnqw5vwkzgmukl8p633xw9
No secret1xkxtxllq9neshcevl9e43es4xlrur64vn3tvnm
No secret1ql99k6yxg7yfxcuyen5jvd4c49fzdun0tnhrdd
No secret1e3g57u2rhx3k4cn67fcvj65rrl5ek3d00escc6
Yes secret1ttaywnz4jmze9mz4pzf0aqyrkasu60a4y0mg27
Yes secret1p6qepn07s047ye8833rlyhmjkcc8xe8p634hp0
1,100 SCRT


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4 months and 3 weeks ago

At $0.56 per SCRT token, this proposal will cost 18,500 * $0.56 = $10,360 to build a bot. As an outsider who has no knowledge on how many resources, daily rates and mandays to build such a bot, may I know if this cost is normal or under budgeted?

4 months and 2 weeks ago

Hi Cryptosapienx, Working on puzzle we do have some insight into what it costs to build software and I think given what they've promised here, which is now more than what it shows on this proposal, that yes it is worth it and not over budget. They've since stated they would lower the fee from 5% to 3%, agreed to open source it at a future point in time, and maintain it well into the future. You can track the discussion here.